(knock knock, I open this door [])

Heeeeeyyy You,


Have a sit \_. So how have you been? (give me the answer in the comment section)

This is one of my hang out joint. I come to kill time, vent, and do a lot of stuff… Thanks for joining me. This should be fun!

So, take a tour around the blog, have fun and be blessed. Click on the ‘previously… or  categories’ tabs on here —>
and read other posts. Do not forget to tell me what you think. When you are done, kindly use this door [] and go practise what you have learnt or go gossip about it (I officially allow you to gossip about me and this blog).

However, if you do not want to leave, you can live here as well. There is a lot of space for all of us.

I am assuming we shall be friends if not family, so feel free to share with the other family members your  pains, hurts, joys, up, downs, funnies, gross stories … anything. We shall laugh with you (and sometimes at you depending on the nature of your story), cry with you, walk with and be what families are. Do not shy or be afraid.

I do pray that we will enjoy building each other up! That we will be the family some so sincerly crave. A family under the leadership of God. A safe haven, a place of solace, a place of rescue, a home full of love.

Oh, before I forget, I should say that this home is a Palace… Yeah, a Palace. Coz we are all God’s children – He is the King you know;) So when we come here, we are princes and princesses or like me, heiresses -and heirs…

So Cheers, fellow Royal people.

Let the royal cheer begin!