You Have My Heart

You have my heart,
Access to all its contents.
You have my heart,
To do with as You please.

You have my heart,
But please be careful with it.
I should warn,
Worldly others have been careless with it.

You have my heart.
Fragile! Auricle side up!
Humpty Dumpty pieces,
Needing heavenly stitches.

You have my heart.
To rescue it from the cage –
The icebox standing where,
my heart used to be.

You have my heart.
Use Your Word to hammer,
hard walls besieging it,
So it may worship You.

You have my heart,
Make it a heart of flesh,
Filled with your word,
That waters from it are fresh.

You have my heart.
Whose beat makes You rejoice with singing,
As I live a musical life,
Dancing to a heavenly duet.

You have my heart, Lord.

©Qui The Heiress

This piece is a sequel to ‘Give It To Me‘ although I wrote it (this piece) before.
This one was i
nspired by Canton Jones’ You have my heart which then inspired the former. Here, have a listen.


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