This Vessel

Thank You for always;

Breaking this vessel,
Remodeling it beyond the next top model,
Sorting and separating wheat from chaff,
Purifying its mind from conforming to this world,
Renewing it in Your will,
Smithing it beyond the patterns of this world.


This vessel, is an alien.   peacesign
It comes in peace.
If Prince of peace inside,
Intel inside.
Here is to change we can believe in,
Because a formerly dishonorable vessel,
now honorable,
Displays His mighty works.
Cheers to the Original Transformer!


This vessel,
No longer replying against You with questions like;

“(wide eyed) Who, me?”
“Why have You made me like this?”
“Why didn’t You ask for my opinion in this matters?”
“Are You SERIOUS!?”

Or with retorts like;

“I’m not a good orator.”
“I don’t like people. They make me mad. I don’t like being mad. So no.”
“I’m young and inexperienced.”


This vessel,
Now content to share its contents,
with whom You desire without contentions.
Its intentions being to bring to Your tent a harvest of the nations.
A vessel of Your mercy,
For Your glory,


In response,...

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