Once upon a time,
was a damsel in distress.
She sought for a knight in shining armor,
to redeem her from a night of brandishing daggers.
Darkness seemed to discover her place of solace.
Plagues attacked her in quarantine.
Shadows of arrows tormented her at noonday.
Afraid, tired, grief-stricken, and helpless,
the Lass cried out for help.

Then she saw Him.
Majestic on a white horse.
Tearing the skies apart
His eyes flaming like fire, were stayed on her
A glowing army followed His lead.
The word of His mouth, a sword, struck
the tormentors around her.
A thousand fell at her side and ten thousand at her right hand.
She beheld in amazement the reward of wickedness.
Victory had finally visited her quarters!

Awestruck, the damsel, now Princess, gazed at Him.
Her Rescuer.
Salvation happened better than she had dreamt.
Crowns on His head and His faithfulness towards her,
caused her to rejoice,
as truth dawned against the night.
Peace had arrived.
Taking the hand of Him who delivered her,
She rested on His bosom
reveling in the joy and bliss of comfort and love.

She was face to face with her Prince.
She vowed to never depart from Him,
The Prince of Peace.

Hehe because prince Charming is too mainstream and unreliable.

          ~THE END~

© Qui The Heiress

From #ThePrincessandHerKing series


4 thoughts on “HER PRINCE

  1. Captivating indeed…well thoughtout & structured . The line: “The Prince of Peace”, for me, should have been a perfect final punchline…I feel the last line does’nt blend harmoniously with the consistent tone & spirit of the poem, but would fit as a reader’s interpretation/comment. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

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