Little Girl

Little girl, Little girl,
Precious Little girl,
Who pants after the approval and affections of men;
Little girl, Little girl,
Whose pains, fears and tears are well bottled
in make-up and curvy flesh;
Little girl, Little girl,
Who’s lost herself trying to be everything
everyone says you should be…

Oh Little girl, Little girl,
Perverted seductress,
Perfect empress,
to a queendom under siege.
Sieve outfits, killed modesty, harvesting deadly sheaves.
Marching around parading the big heart
buried under the exposed mound of flesh,
Don’t you know that the condition and size of your heart
is exposed by your words and actions,
Little girl?

Little girl, Little girl,
With concealers and pricey perfume,
You learned to hide your nasty and smelly scars.
A lifetime of being vulnerable to wolves,
earned you a hole in your paraded heart.
Now, you are eternally married to Silence and Fear,
Little girl, you are a bigamist!
Hopping from one husband to another,
With hopes of satisfaction,
yet only receiving convenience.
So shopping till you drop, you find,
Lip color for a mouth that tells a lie and mutters perversity,
Weaves that weave spider webs to trap your prey,
Nail polish for nails defiled with blood.
You are dressed by works of iniquity and acts of violence.
Heels for fit feet that run to evil.

O Little girl, you disgust Me!

But Oh Little girl,
Come baby come.
Hashtag #BringBackMyGirl.
Although you have squandered my riches in a faraway land,
Come get another inheritance.
Come get restoration to health, life and peace.
Come get brightness for darkness,
Sight for blindness,
Come get justice for that pain,
Salvation from sin.
Come Little girl with that humpty dumpty broken heart
and watch the King put it all together.

lil girl princess


Little girl, Little girl,
Let Me rebuild you to a temple I can dwell in again.
Trade your shame for My honor,
Mourning for My gladness,
Ashes for My beauty,
Bondage for My freedom.
Come possess double for your inheritance,
Little Girl.


Little girl, Little girl,
Let Me wrap you in My arms.
My warmth will melt the ice around you heart –
Free medication for that asthma, pneumonia and flu. Aaa aa a achoo!
Turn you icy stare to My face and glow in the glory of My love.
Let My life words kill death out of you.
Let Me dry up the fountain of your pain.
Trust Me.
Little girl, trust Me.

Little girl, I say to you, ‘Arise!’
Arise and shine for I, your Light, I’m here.
You are now a light on a lampstand.
Nations and kings will come to the brightness of your rising.
Rock those clothes I’ve made for you with My life –
Dress of salvation, gown of righteousness and these precious bridal jewelry,

Little girl, Little girl
My precious Little girl,
You now believe in Me again.
I, God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
I love you.
I know I’m precious to you too
for you obey my word.
You are now born of my Spirit,
and are a special daughter.
Welcome home Little girl,
Here, safe in your Daddy’s arms.

♥ Yes Jesus loves me/
Yes Jesus loves me/
Yes Jesus loves me/
The Bible tells me so ♥

Piece from ‘The Princess and Her King‘ Series


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