Victory Journey

I have fellowshipped with demons;
grumbled and complained as we dived deeper
into the deep dark abyss.
No relief from the constant panic attacks.
No wipes to cleanse my teary face.

I have allowed darkness to blanket my light;
And my life became a source of shame;
Without seasoning abilities for anyone in need.
But unrest in every season;
And nothing I did arrested the unrest.

But weeping endures for a night –
Joy comes in the morning.
And dawn came!
Sun’s rays shone upon my heart.
The darkness began melting at Light’s insistence.

The Lord came.

From the continuous abyss –
He rescued me.
Mind. Body. Spirit. –
He freed me.
The King Himself put me together again.

He tied, mended, glued each piece together;
knit my heart to be of warmth again;
Every dry spot refreshed;
And the previously parched body restored.

The Lord is great!
None is like Him!
He shines His love to His beloved.
He is great and mighty to save.

So the Mighty Warrior came for me;
Fought off principalities for my freedom;
Teaches me how to maintain my freedom through Him,
And now no power of darkness can reign over me –
Because I’m victorious through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

Victory pose

Victory celebration


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