Sylvia Hensel’s From the Heart of a Woman

I love poetry. Good Godly poetry makes my reading life even more exciting especially since there is hardly good Christian poems out there.

Sylvia Hensel’s From the Heart of a WomanLove letters to God is an intimate book that scripts the lessons a woman – in this case Sylvia Hensel – has learnt over the cause of her life. It is some sort of journal which Sylvia has had the guts to publish.

The book encouraged me to worship and it brought new insights in relation to scripture. Better still, it had my creative juices flowing in abundance when putting down my own lessons. It is God’s desire to be intimate with us. That we should be open to talk to Him about our problems, fears, pains, tears, joys, events, relationships and anything that affects us in one way or another. I was reminded of God’s promises, thoroughly rebuked and learned more about God.

It also is an interesting kind of devotion. I always find it very interesting when I need a word from God then He uses a book. I love it! It lets me know that He listens to my pleas of guidance and need for Him.

‘From the Heart of a Woman’ uses poetry to script messages from God. It does not loose doctrine in an attempt to be contemporary or in a bid to wow the reader by its author’s poetic prowess. It however does ‘wow’ the reader with its ability to use an idea, play with words yet get God’s word home.

A good read.

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