Set up…

Two things are on my mind right now…
One. Satan is not the opposite of God. God has no parallel. The devil is not an equal opponent of God. He is under God. He answers to God according to Job 1:7.

Two. God has an interesting sense of humor. Of all the beings God could discuss Job with, He chose satan? Like really? I mean, right before satan showed up, were angels giving accounts of what they had been up to. But God in his infinite wisdom saw it fit to bluff about His awesome son Job, to the devil! Knowing how proud satan is, was that not simply setting Job up? Why?

Three things stand out for me.
One. God set Job up because He knew Job’s heart. He was so confident of how honest Job was that God was not afraid to brag about it to any being. He knew nothing could shake Job out of loving God. Notice that while God set Job up, He set the parameters to which Job would be shaken. His life was out of bounds (see, the devil obeys God).

Two. Job lost everything but still hailed God’s name. Everyone deserted and accused him yet he remained true to God (just like God had predicted). At this point when Job had no one to turn to, he went to God with all his complaints, lamentations and death wishes. He poured his heart out to God albeit bitterly. God would listen and respond. And by the way, God was quite harsh and firm with Job. Bottom line, the two communicated leading to this confession by Job in chapter 42 verses 5 ‘My ears heard about you. But now my own eyes have seen you.’

Three. Not only did Job have a great experience chilling out (on the dust and ashes while scratching himself) with God, but he was also restored. The book records in the same chapter that ‘The Lord blessed the last part of Job’s life even more than the first part.’ (vs 12).
It must have been a journey for Job, and I think, at the end of it all, he did not mind the experience. God won over the devil. God was right – He is always right! Plus I am certain that the community that came to celebrate Job after he had been restored glorified God.

So as an encouragement to those going through a situation and are raking their brains trying to figure out what they are getting punished for, God, our God, He always wins! Consider the following…

  • It may be a process to get you closer to Him, to help you find and maintain your identity in Him and not in things or people.
  • It may be God’s special way of getting you to know how much He is confident in you. How He is certain that nothing can shake you out of loving Him. And if and or when seeds of doubt have been sown in your heart, He holds on to you and ensures that His love carries you through the season.
  • Smile because victory is yours! We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. God is working in you. He wants your plans and your acts to be in keeping with His good purpose. Once you have achieved His standards, then he will not hold your reward for a second longer.

These are some of the lessons I have been learning the hard way for the last two or so years. To be honest, I would not trade a tear, the pain, the fear, or shame. I would not trade my crushed heart, the previously messed up emotions, the laughs, the light moments, the nice people, the bad people, everything, for anything in this world. And I will not hide the scars remaining because the joy of the Lord, His peace in me and love will always be the wow factor that brings glory to God through this life since those are my most treasured blessings from Him. And yes, I would gladly go through every painful moment all over again if only to bring more glory to God.

Peace be still my friend because He is God and He is good, always.


6 thoughts on “Set up…

  1. Halleluya! I love the interpretation. I agree with you that God’s humor is not funny at all…its really funny how He brags to Satan. He actually asks Him if he (Satan) has seen His servant job. Alimsteti joh


  2. This is an appraisal and its befitting in its nature. It makes me glad that someone (you) can still praise God and show forth His supremacy no matter what the world has turned too. People have compared satan to God and God has been.belittled as much by non-believers but there is a certain profound experience that comes with knowing Him. See, no matter what life begets I say thank you too and I love how you’ve exemplified the last bit…. it couldn’t be more true. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Eddy, thank you for visiting the palace as well 🙂
      God is supreme and should be considered thus.
      I think beyond helping and loving hurting people, sharing the lessons are some of the rewards I get for my life experiences 🙂


  3. Of referral, this essentially serves the depth of if adversary ends to closer calm and victory next to God or restoring the bond, firming the relationship and or creating a glory of he that is never wrong on the paths he leads us to.

    This is an extremely beautiful piece, especially if affirmed that there is not ever a parallel god!

    The ultimate pinnacle rests upon Him.


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