Random Post

I started writing this post sometime last month. I guess it is time to finally finish it. So here goes…

Hey, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. A lot has been and still is happening. When the time comes, I will tell you all about it after the lessons are learnt and implemented.

Just a reminder though, we need to always remember that God is good. No matter our situations; when things are good maybe even great – God is good. When things are so hard and it couldn’t get worse – even then God is good.

Life is interesting. I mean, its highs and lows make it anything but boring. Even more exciting is when life happens and we know God dwells in our hearts. His declaration in John 10:10 that He wants us to have life in abundance regardless of the devil’s plans over our life should be comforting enough for our tired souls and worn out bodies.

And to anyone (who like me) sometimes thinks or feels like God is taking too long (or sits on a cloud having a serious party when we, I, have hit rock bottom) no, that’s not the case. He feels with us, walks with us and at time carries us through it all.

I am slowly getting the point. The point is, to look back and realize that we (I) did not have the strength to get through something. In fact, we (I) have no idea how that happened all we (I) know is that we (I) are (am) now fine.

We may be drenched as a result of heavy downpour of crap, but it looks like the storm is rolling further and further away from us and figuring how we survived it is a task harder than doing a census of the ants.  Which only leaves one explanation – God.

So Dear You,
Start thanking God for what He has done, what He is doing and what He is about to do; then brace yourself to be wowed. And yes, your pain is real. No one may understand it except God. Sometimes the pain can turn to bitterness and anger towards God (who still loves you even then) and the zeal to pray may suddenly disappear. I know because I have a shack in the ‘I seriously do not like you God’ country that I tend to vacation in every now and then. Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit who always intercedes for us, and in my case, a wonderful Christian family that looks out for me when I get on a downward spiral headed for my vacation shack.

Life is hard, true but God is awesome. He loves to hijack the difficulties and deposit joy in our hearts causing us to have a never-fading smiles, persistent songs of praise to our God and a dance choreographed to the tune of God’s love song to us. Through it all, we ought to keep in mind that He is God, and He is Good regardless of situations in our lives. 🙂

So, be encouraged, coz God will not leave your heart aching. He has brought you from so far, walked with you through so much and protected you for so long to decide to desert you at this point. Smile and keep reminding yourself (audibly or not) that God cares, because He truly does.

For those whose lives couldn’t get any better, keep sustaining it with prayer and spreading God’s love, joy and cheer to anyone.

Regards, QuiTheHeiress

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