Your (my) 100 Day Prayer

All the positive reviews for this book ‘Your 100 Day Prayer’ by John I. Snyder are real! It is a devotional designed to usher a person into higher spiritual heights while at the same time teaching the same person how to be consistent. Getting in the habit of spending time with God at any point of the day especially in the morning makes one prepared for the events of the day.

In so many instances was I warned, cautioned, comforted and or taught ahead, during or after a situation. Some truths felt like bitter pills I should swallow when all I wanted to do was spit them out. Other truths had me going ‘yeah so and so should read this!’ 🙂 Using this devotional was also useful in giving God a voice in the midst of seemingly never ending turmoil and pain. In Him I found solace as should always be the case. I was encouraged to hang in there and abort any plans I probably had up my sleeves at helping God when He took His sweet time showing up… (anybody feel me?)

The leading prayer starter helped me find words when it hurt so bad and I did not know where to start. The lessons learned through the experience shall never be unlearned. I will continue seeking the intimacy with Christ which has now been firmly established. There wasn’t any magic or big deal to praying for a 100 days but the experience caused transformations.

Definitely a good read that requires patience with oneself and God. Prayers were answered and peace restored. It was a handy guide through my valley of shadow. I am glad I had a chance to review it at this time in my life.

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