The 12 Disciples

This is a poem from my Kid’s bible that is quite fun to memorize. Its even more exciting to commit it to memory with a child. Be ready to answer a whole load of questions though. The last verse is my personal favorite 🙂 Enjoy!

During Jesus’ life on earth
he called twelve special men.
When he said “come follow me,”
they did so there and then.

Invited first to join the group,
Simon Peter came.
Peter’s brother followed too-
Andrew was his name.

Several more were called by Jesus
Near the Galilean lake.
James and John gave up their nets,
just for Jesus sake.

Crowds that followed Jesus knew
Philip and Thomas too.
But Thomas had doubts about Jesus
(more than just a few).

In the group was Matthew,
Who wrote of Jesus’ life.
His book tells many great stories-
the love, teachings and strife.

Pleased to be a disciple,
James joined the throng.
Thaddeus and Simon
also came along.

Later the one called Judas
would betray his master’s name.
Bartholomew (called Nathanael)
was another who came.

Each of these disciples
went out in the world to preach.
To tell the message of Jesus
to every soul they could reach.

Since we’re saved by Jesus,
we must follow too;
So listen to Jesus calling-
calling me and you.


In response,...

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