Word Divas

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The word Diva has many meanings like;

A fashion conscious lady who is always well groomed, a successful female musician, a go getter who can do anything to have her way or get what she wants, a temperamental and bitchy woman or a female version of a ‘hustler’ according to Beyonce among many other definitions.

The world today has laid a strong emphasis on how ladies look. All around us are messages of how to achieve that perfect look. All sorts of products promising heaven are flying off the shelves. Being a girl is fun (except on those red days) 😦 I love to look through various magazines, blogs and anything that gives a pictorial heaven for a girl’s eyes in terms of designs, clothes and accessories. I then make mental notes to pull similar or slightly modified outfits that actually never get to happen.

Being a Christian girl, I should know better than to follow every trend and or let every lesson from the media inform my decisions and lifestyle. In my circles, there is a certain Lady we Christian girls like to be like.

A woman so Godly she gets praised all the time. She’s hardworking, charitable and kind. She looks out for her family as well as supporting and serving her hubby. She’s a career woman (entrepreneur and designer) who loves to shop and dress up. The Proverbs 31 Woman is one we girls aspire to be.

God sees these desires in our little giddy girly hearts. So He gives us the awesomest magazine to peruse through and learn from the lives of other divas. The Bible ladies. The Bible! It is full of examples of females we never ever want to be like – or anybody want to be a Jezebel, Potiphar’s wife or Delilah among others? Didn’t think so! It is also full of example of ladies whose life situations kind of match ours or whose life story ministers to us in various ways.

There is a lot to learn from these ladies as we seek to achieve the Proverbs 31 Status, otherwise they would not have featured in the Bible. So we shall be talking about these ladies in posts to come… Stay tuned. Don’t touch that dial or whatever applies to a blog.
Cheers 😀


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