Every day gives us a chance to grow and continually exercise what God keeps teaching us. Life events love to tempt and cause us to forget this knowledge but God, He doesn’t. And He will make sure we relearn and relearn and relearn and relearn and relearn… Believe me, its the story of my life. At the end, we thank Him for being so patient with us.

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This post is written by @QuiTheHeiress of Royal Cheer

Baby Basic

Wasn’t it a glorious day when I was born! In the African culture, when a child is born, women celebrate by ululating. A boy child receives five ululations while a baby girl gets four. Of course this happened because a boy was esteemed than a girl and that was way before civilization and equal rights set in. I wonder whether the number of ululations is now equal for both genders.

In case you are wondering, no, this is not an ululation class.

So life begins. Gradually, the child opens his/her eyes, start to smile and recognize people, cry, wean, cry a whole lot more and the process of knowledge acquisition continues. Ever noticed that since you considered yourself a grown up, you haven’t stopped doing some of the things you learnt when you were little? Say, talk, eat, walk…

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