Stained Glass Hearts – by Patsy Clairmont

This is a book I will definitely pick up and read, no study, for a very long time. I did relate to some issues Patsy noted. Being a young lady, I got to have a glimpse of my possible future. By this I mean, that there are things that I will do now (or avoid doing) so that my future has less turmoil.

A stain glass is beautiful especially in relation to light. Beautiful patches each having a different color, size or shape from another creates a masterpiece when patched together. Similarly, every phase, event, person, pain, tear, happiness… is a beautiful patch with a story of its own. All this put together by a loving God results to a breathtaking ‘Master’s Piece’.

Like a true artistic spirited person, Patsy beautifully painted clear mental pictures of events in her life with words. Sometimes the words tickled, other times they challenged and other times spoke directly into my situation and life. The use of art illustrations is interesting and unique.

While I am dripping with nothing but praise for this book, it is funny that a certain chapter described exactly how I felt when I started reading the book. I had trouble reading through the first chapter. I am glad I did not move on to the next book.

Oh, and she is a scribbler as well! How nice to know that in as much as some of us really passionately hate dog ears on a book, scribbling on it and making side notes is not bad. I love to but I felt like I am committing a crime against the book when I underline something I like. Now I know am not. Hooray!

Scripture is well incorporated with her life lessons. I enjoyed and I will keep enjoying reading the book.

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2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Hearts – by Patsy Clairmont

    • Hi Jacks, too bad that long comment weirdly disappeared. Nonetheless, thanks for visiting and posting. It was an encouraging comment especially since I have been toying with thoughts to bring the blog down. Cheers 🙂


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