Its Complicated

I was going through my journal. Hehe. Look what I found 🙂

He irritates me!
Can’t nyeriosis him.
NKT. He reacts to everything
pollen, dust, perfume. Scents.
Want to punch ‘im…
Then again I will hurt too.

So I sit and think
Think and thank
That his guiding wisdom
Leads to food. Good!
Advises escape route in case of a fart. Bad.

But unlike Craig David,
There’s no walking away
He never leaves me
we are stuck together you see
Through ‘Pwani ni Kenya’ or ‘Migingo ni yetu’
Through good- bad health,
or Olympics…
We r close – literally
Me and my shiny little NOSE!!!!

This journal entry mustav happened when I had a running nose I guess. Cheers.





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