Jesus, my father, the CIA and me by Ian Morgan Cron

Ian gives an account of his childhood and how his alcoholic dad affected his life. He narrates with such honesty some events that took place. Other events are so wittily put, I ended up laughing at a bad situation. Humour is well woven into the story of his life that is otherwise sad. He highlights his relationship with Jesus, how it started (and kept ending), how the christian community did not give up on him and how Jesus became real in his life.

He raises all sorts of questions that I have found myself ask in relation to not having a father. His story unburied very deeply hid emotions that even I didn’t know existed. At some point, I had to put the book down to attend to painful emotions that had just been surfaced. I liked the fact that the story of his life brought to light things that needed to be dealt with in my life. That was ministry enough. I learned that God will use whatever I let Him use to reach out to the world through me- even if it is a story.

I however noticed that he became a church leader while he had not dealt with his drinking problem. It made me raise a number of questions.

The book has numerous punch lines. My favourite is “love always stoops”. Isn’t that what Jesus did for all of us? A nice read.

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