Butterflies, school

As we pursue knowledge we learn about butterflies at some point in our coursework. Right? Well let’s review what our teachers taught us; Egg– they say (I don’t know who they are), this is the genesis of these eye candies. Then they hatch and become Caterpillars or Larvae. Oh don’t we hate caterpillars! I remember when I was younger than I am now, killing any crawling thing especially caterpillars was my sole mission on planet earth! In this stage, they eat and eat and eat and eat. When they are done eating, they eat some more. Then come the Pupa or Chrysalis stage where it’s calm on the outside and an industrious on the inside. Tissues, limbs and organs are manufactured. Finally when all bolts, nuts and screws are in place, it emerges from the pupa as a Butterfly! Yeeei! A beautiful butterfly.

Now, you must be wondering where am going with all this revision yet the exams are over. Actually, they are not. Not everyone was a candidate. No am not going to classify humans as egg-lava-chrysalis-butterfly. And no I will not tell you not to get help as you evolve from pupa to butterfly…

Among the many lessons I have learned in the many years of experience in breathing in and out, is to wear someone’s shoes. Literally, I wore my mum’s shoes as I longed to own footwear that went ‘kong kong’ along any concrete surface. Now I wear her shoes on a whole different level. That’s a story for another day, no, another year. Back to the lesson. When I am in an unpleasant situation, especially one that makes me feel like a victim, I switch roles – in my head. I try to think like that person, try to figure out why he/she is acting or saying mean things, wonder how I would treat me if I was him/her etc. I think they call it Empathy. Once again I don’t know who they are. Maybe it is Adam and Eve since they named everything… Anyhow, empathy. I make excuses for them in my head blah blah blah etc so at the end of quite a tongue lashing episode, I smile (could be because of a weird thought I had about them), and continue serving them in any capacity. So I don’t get to be mad at them. I think my mum unconsciously taught me this. I think.

Let’s recap. One, we know the life cycle of a butterfly. Two, we can empathize.

Lesson three; we shall switch roles with butterflies for just a little while. Imagine the butterflies have a school. They carry backpacks on their wings and don’t ride anyone’s motor vehicle to go to school. I assume there is not much traffic in the air hence no accidents and lessons like ‘look right, look left. Cross the road if it is clear’ features nowhere in their curriculum. There are a lot more imagery in my head that are tickling me which I’ll not put here since I assume you get the idea by now. What if they had a topic titled ‘HUMAN LIFE CYCLE’? What would they learn?

That female humans have eggs inside them that are fertilized by the males through a process called (insert butterfly friendly term since this is an alien phenomenon to them). The egg grows inside the female and after nine months which is longer than most butterflies lives (which makes me wonder how they could have researched humans if none lived longer than a pregnancy. We can discuss that later). A full formed human being is born. With pomp and all possible celebrations that the child does not understand he/she is welcomed into the human society. The child is taken through the education system where he/she learns how socialize. This knowledge on how to handle him/herself gets them a good job, purchases a car to ferry him/her from point A to point B as well as show off to his/her peers, get a big house and then proceed to marry the male or female they desire (or got accidentally knocked up or by), bring forth children in the process described above, becomes old and die.

Ladies and gentlemen this whole ridiculous story has been birthed by one question that won’t leave my head. After school, after the job, after the family, the money we all work hard to get, then what? Is this all life is about? It sounds really dull to me. We chase all these things and then? Don’t get me wrong. I want my Prince Charming, and get a daughter whom I shall name ‘Pandora who shall never open her box Charming’ (get it?), a car, a house and everything a human thinks is basic to life like fridge, computer and lately, a pair of panty hose (commonly known as stockings) etc. I totally understand Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:4 when he says “everything under the sun is meaningless. Like chasing the wind”.

So why did God put me here? If you are like me and hate routine the human cycle is generally boring to you too. There must be something exciting, something divine. Solomon had everything we work so hard to get. He even got away with being a chronic polygamist yet he felt that everything under sun is meaningless.  God is love. He says to love Him with all our hearts all our soul and our entire mind according to Matthew 22:37. ‘But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit’ 1 Corinthians 6:17.  Meaning, if you are one with Christ, you have His Spirit and shall bear awesome spiritual fruits like love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, humility and self-control according to Galatians 5:22. This should help in experiencing our cycle with a hope of spending eternity with Christ in Heaven A.K.A. the Hallelujah Square like my mum called it. However, we shouldn’t be too heavenly minded for no earthly good and miss out on the blessings of experiencing God and having a little heaven down here with fellow humans. It would be so easy to have an earthly heaven if we all paid attention to God.

Now, please switch back to your role and find out why you are on planet earth. I don’t know why the butterflies would be studying us just as I still don’t know why we studied them.



10 thoughts on “Butterflies, school

  1. We all feel like we’re chasing the wind at some point in our lives. However, things tend to change when we live a purpose driven life.
    -A life devoted to things is a dead life, a stump; a God -shaped life is a flourishing tree. (Pro. 11:28)
    -You are not an accident. (Isa. 44:2)
    -Everyone’s life is driven by something, many are driven by things like guilt, resentment, anger, fear, materialism and the need for approval.
    -Knowing your purpose gives your life meaning, simplicity, focus and motivation. It also prepares you for eternity.

    Derived from: “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren


  2. Cuz.. Love this article. You have a talent! Pretty impressive! You need to be doing some more writing! Maybe start you own blog or novel or something. But this is really good.


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