Girl talk with God by Sussie Shellenberger

The title of this book made me expect a lot from the book. I was not disappointed. The book basically teaches about prayers (‘which is a fancy name for talking with God’). I have been taught a lot about prayer by this easy-to-relate-to book than any other big book (except the Bible).

Sussie showed us how easy it is to talk with God whereby He (God) has a conversation with us. We get to tell Him everything that is in our hearts (even though He knows anyway) and listen to Him speak out His heart. It’s what friends do. Right? Whats more, it relates so well with issues that young people (read girls) go through. She used biblical texts to clearly show biblical solutions that are not so impossible to handle in a sweet way. Every chapter was a delight to read. And re-read.

I have learned much from the book. Like, when I am close to God, I should be grossed out by what grosses God; that God should be my first love; that being sexually impure (which includes petting and all) is stealing from my future husband; how to deal with emotional pain and a lot more. It is an interesting encyclopedia as far as being a girl after God’s heart is in our current society is concerned.

Every free time I had was used reading the book. It was well written, well arranged and quite funny (especially when the girl is being sarcastic). I would recommend the book to any lady (or guy) despite their age. My copy already has a queue of laddies waiting for their turn to read it. I enjoyed.

BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.


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