Dear Love,

Than fire my love is stronger
Aflame that’s brighter.
Isn’t quenched by water,
or drowned by river.
My Treasure! My Honey! My Milk!
Drink deeply of this love!
Your emotions are secure
Every morning I’ll love u more!
And cash?
The ends of the earth ‘r your stash.
My right arm
‘ll kip u from harm.
Strength, Victory and Triumph
shall come.
This my promise,
kip u unscarmished.
My face is smiling
4 u its shining
so kip enjoying…



verses: Songs of Solomon 8:6,7 , 5:1; Psalms 2:8, 3:3, 4:6, 118:14-16.


2 thoughts on “Dear Love,

    • Hi Bobby, its closer than you think. This love takes the phrase ‘i would die for you’ literally. Jesus died just so you can live. This love is free. Do you have it? Do you know Jesus? Is He part of your life?


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