Young and Free

young and free

To the youthful and energetic children of God,

Let’s hold on to our faith.
Let our confession of love for God match our lifestyle.
For in our steadfast character, others will find encouragement to stand for absolute truth even in shaky circumstances. 
Through our consistency, they will see the possibility of living a real life amidst the fake.
Our steadfast relationship with Christ will lead them to boldness for Him too.

To live young and free in a world filled with tempting bondage,
binding shackles and overwhelming burdens.
And bring righteousness, peace and joy in our areas of influence.
To kick out works of hell and establish the will of heaven wherever we are,
And be who God made us to be…
Heavenly treasures in earthen vessels.


Waging War

I wrote this sometime late last year. Enjoy!


Sometimes I will tell someone
That I will not allow any harm to come to them.
I love them, I know me, I mean it.
And I’m laughed off or scoffed at.

I don’t fit their mental description of warrior or soldier.
I’m short, or small bodied, or a girl or untrained for the battlefield, I’m not this, I’m not that, unqualified in their eyes, or whatever…

But see,
We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness and heavenly places. If we are the arrows of His quiver, a soldier under the command of the Lord of hosts, won’t He will teach our hands to wage war for the specific battle at hand?

You know,
Some enemies are allergic to a smile, some are allergic to praise, others are vanquished by God’s word, some are allergic to songs and others are powerless in Godly counsel… The list of potential five stones is endless.

War doesn’t always require fists, punches, gun fire, tear gas, bows and arrows or heavily built muscles. They are necessary at times but are not the source of victory.
A simple handshake, a kind word, a helping hand, a loving pat…
Holy Spirit inspired actions are fatal to the enemy. They are weapons used to take by force and break shackles off a slave.

Heavenly weapons of war are mysterious, battles that belong to God are fun to be part of!
Freedom and victory achieved by the guidance of the Holy Spirit is far more satisfying and encouraging than that received by own power and might.

Power and might has short lived victories that only bring strife and fear.

Victory by the hand of God brings eternal righteousness, peace and joy that is God maintained.

Demons with their bloodshot eyes and pitchforks may try do defy the armies of the Most High God, but will be scattered in seven different directions,
for our love for God and one another is,